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Your roof serves as your first line of defense against elements. Stop putting off any necessary roof repair or replacement work and call Salem, Oregon’s roof experts.

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Roof Replacement Salem guarantees the best of both worlds.

Roof Replacement Salem understands that when it comes to roofs, homeowners want something that looks premium and provides a number of benefits. It is hard to choose between style and functionality, especially when on a tight budget. What looks lovely on the exterior has the most minor features. What seems the most sensible is not the most appealing option. In very rare cases, we encounter something that boasts both elegance and practicality. These, however, come at sky-high prices.

No need to worry! With us, you can get the roof you and your family deserve! Roof Replacement Salem only offers roofing materials that provide the best of both worlds in style and durability at affordable prices!

On top of that sweet deal, highly-skilled roofers who dedicate themselves to improving their craft handle our replacement services. They pay great attention to every detail of their work to ensure that leaks, rot, cracks, and other roof problems would not hinder you from enjoying your safe and lovely home with your loved ones.

Re-roofing vs. Roof Replacement. What do I need?

Re-roofing is done by replacing worn shingles with a new shingle overlay. This restores the roof's look and prevents leaks. However, in this method, it will not be possible to know of any damages that could exist under the worn shingle and its surrounding areas. Also, re-roofing is not feasible for homes with metal roofing.

Roof replacement means stripping off old shingles entirely. An underlayment of felt paper will be applied to the deck before installing a new layer of shingles. Doing so addresses all issues the roof may have, which in the long haul would mean having little to no need for repairs for roof, drywall, and flooring damages. A roof replacement can be done on homes with metal roofing.

When your roof requires a replacement.

Your roof is begging for replacement if you see yourself doing regular repairs for leaks, clogged downspouts, moss or mold, and pooling of stagnant water. Your roof may also be due for a change if you notice drooping or sagging, stains, streaks, cracked shingles, buckling shingles, and rotting plywood or boards.

Choosing Roof Replacement Salem:

We specialize in roof repairs and replacement. When you choose us, you will benefit from the following: free roof replacement estimates without hidden charges, the highest quality materials under warranty for up to 50 years, and a labor warranty for up to 25 years.

That is not all, however. You also get the benefit of working with a team committed to technical and installation proficiency and consistent excellence in customer service.

The Roof Replacement Salem Package:

We love exceeding our clients’ expectations! When they avail of our Roof Replacement Package, they get more than they have asked or bargained for! We take into account everything - from handling permits to budgeting which includes a budget for unexpected repairs, obtaining and storing materials, and disposing of your old roof!

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If your roof is in bad shape, it will not serve its purpose of safeguarding you and your family. Contact Roof Replacement Salem and get a free no-obligation quote.

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Roofer Salem is the leading roofer repair and installation service provider in the state. Over the years, our skills and experiences have provided top-quality roofing for families and businesses who have worked with us. We continue to strive for excellence and maintain good relationships with our clients.

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